Abigail Fenton

Mentor: Dr. Peng Jiang
College of Engineering
"Both my parents are engineers so I have been around it all my life, I always loved science and experimenting even at a young age. In high school I got my first taste of research when I participated in the State Science and Engineering Fair on a project that utilized biomimicry to increase the efficiency of photovoltaics. It was actually this project that peaked my interest in doing research with Dr. Jiang who's projects fall along similar lines. It has been this research with Dr. Jiang that has made me realize my passion for research and for trying to make a difference in our world."


Chemical Engineering



Research Interests

  • Photovoltaics/Renewable Energy
  • Biomimetics
  • Anti Reflective Technology

Academic Awards

  • 5th Place Engineering, State Science and Engineering Fair 2013
  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Gator Christian Life


  • Florida Solar Energy Center volunteer

Hobbies and Interests

  • Nature
  • Running
  • Eating delicious food

Research Description

Tunable Antireflection Enabled by Shape Memory Polymers
The aim of the research project is to develop a procedure to make tunable antireflective coatings from various polymer materials. These coatings are inspired by the natural antireflective structure of moth eyes and are used in many optical devices such as monitors, car windshields, lenses and solar cells and can change optical transition making them useful for smart devices. The smart, novel shape memory polymer in this research can undergo deformation and recovery with out needing to be heated above its glass transition temperature like most other shape memory polymers require. This enables the antireflection properties of the coatings to be tuned using only pressure at room temperature making it useful for real world applications.