Adowaa Adu

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Jones
Agricultural and Life Sciences
"My passion for Nonprofits was developed at a young age. At 13, I co-founded my own nonprofit and set out to help people. My research developed out of a series of conversations with my mentor Dr. Jones about longevity and sustainability of nonprofits in my home country of Ghana. I wanted to find out why several organizations like my own had gone quiet largely due to a lack of funds. Through this research I hope to bring the spotlight on nonprofits in both urban and rural parts of my home country, Ghana. I find that it is important to tell the individual stories of people working hard to make changes from within the difficult situations they face daily. I want to use my research to understand their fundraising methods; the successes and failures, and help to provide the necessary tools they need to maintain and develop programs and services."


Family, Youth and Community Sciences


Nonprofit Organizational Leadership and African Studies

Research Interests

  • Nonprofit Organization and Leadership
  • Fundraising for Nonprofits
  • Program Planning and Evaluation

Academic Awards

  • Davis United World Scholar 2013 - 2017
  • CALS Scholarship 2016-2017
  • University Scholar 2016-2017


  • African Students Union at UF


  • Bread of the Mighty Food Bank
  • A PLUS College Prep

Hobbies and Interests

  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Learning Languages
  • Reading

Research Description

Fundraising in Ghana: A Qualitative Study
Researchers have used many different theoretical lenses and methodologies to make sense of philanthropic giving practices. While this body of research is important, it has almost exclusively been conducted in a Western context. Far less is known about non-Western philanthropy in general and about Ghanaian philanthropy in particular. Anecdotal experience suggests that philanthropy is not a commonly accepted practice and, yet, Ghanaian values are consistent with the essence of philanthropy. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to answer the following research questions: a) in what ways, if at all,is the essence of philanthropy consistent with the culture of Ghana,and b)what are the challenges for nonprofit organizations in Ghana soliciting funds from Ghanaians?