Amanda Stambrosky

Mentor: Dr. Joan Frosch
College of The Arts
"With graduation on the horizon, I began turning to alumni to try to gain understanding of what the dance field has to offer. I discovered the opportunity to take my studies to New York, where I will be researching the landscape of dance culture in the city. "





Research Interests

  • Dance
  • Presenting Choreography
  • Networking

Academic Awards

  • Lawrence Baynard Hubbell Award 2013
  • Mark W. Stoughton Theatre Scholarship 2014
  • Leonard Family Scholarship 2015
  • University Scholars Program 2015-2016


  • Dance In A Suitcase
  • Fine Arts College Council


  • n/a

Hobbies and Interests

  • Knitting
  • Theatre
  • Travel
  • Sewing

Research Description

Fielding the Field
While the field of dance is constantly changing, in the last decade, a major shift in the system of creating and presenting choreographic work has emerged. I want to observe the shifting structures of our field from an insider’s perspective. I plan to conduct a major portion of my research in the abundant and well-connected community of dancers in New York City where I will be based for five months in fall 2015. My mentor, Dr. Joan Frosch, has arranged for me to interview and shadow New York City-based artists. Their perspectives and experiences will shed light on what emerging choreographers like myself should expect as we enter the field. I will also attend as many shows and classes as possible, and network with both established and emerging artists—through contacts my mentor and my New York based experts have facilitated—to continue to learn about divergent funding models and new approaches to presenting choreographic work. I will question how I can more creatively use our resources in the School of Theatre and Dance and how I can more effectively use technology and social media to strengthen our dance community here at UF. I seek to research and apply a new understanding of today’s dance field.