Ana Arenas

Mentor: Dr. Donna Cohen

College of Design, Construction and Planning

"To further investigate topics within my field of study outside of my everyday collegiate setting and open myself to the exploration of international issues."




Landscape Architecture

Research Interests

  • Developing Countries
  • Architecture
  • Education

Academic Awards

  • Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarship (2014)
  • Florida Opportunity Scholars Academy of Leadership (2016)
  • University Scholars Program (2017-2018)


  • National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (MONAS)
  • American Institute of Architecture Students


  • Tomorrow's Equestrian Center Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program

Hobbies and Interests

  • Horseback Riding
  • International Travel and Study
  • Languages
  • Architecture

Research Description

Architectural Pedagogy in Rwanda
This research project is a study of the role of architectural pedagogy in the country of Rwanda and how educational institutions address the expression of culture within the context of a quickly growing urban environment.