Andrea Ward

Andrea Ward
Mentor: Dr. Joan Frosch
College of Fine Arts
"I want to create a group dance as part of my research in developing my choreographic signature. I want to move to New York when I graduate and form a dance company."





Research Interests

  • Connection/disconnection
  • Suppression/liberation
  • Breakthrough/revolution

Academic Awards

  • Bright Futures 2013
  • Arts Acheive 2013
  • School of Theatre + Dance Summer Scholarship 2016
  • University Scholar 2016


  • Isodoc Dance Group NYC
  • Intrigue Dance Intensive


  • Student Coordinator of Sarasota International Chalk Festival

Hobbies and Interests

  • Playing guitar & drums
  • Writing music and poetry
  • Cinematography & video editing

Research Description

Choreographic Residency
I am choreographing a group dance to a song that I've written and recorded myself. The song is four minutes long and there are seven dancers, including myself. The dance has yet to be titled, but I am submitting the dance to the Capezio Ace Awards choreography competition, along with other festivals in New York City. The dance is a research project exploring concepts of humanity's disconnection from nature, and disconnection within itself, as well as concepts concerning suppression of the human spirit and creativity versus liberation, leading to breakthrough and revolution.