Angelique Talmor

Mentor: Dr. Zachary Selden
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"I believe that conducting research adds a complimentary dimension to knowledge acquired in a classroom setting. Therefore, I became involved with research as a means of exploring my interests in International Relations and French-American security cooperation on a deeper level."


Political Science & French and Francophone Studies


International Relations (Certificate)

Research Interests

  • International Security
  • Foreign Policy
  • Nationbuilding

Academic Awards

  • Honors Program (2012)
  • Political Science Junior Fellow (2013)
  • Phi Beta Kappa (2014)
  • Anderson Scholar (2014)


  • UF French Club: le Cercle Francais
  • University of Florida Amnesty International
  • French and Francophone Studies Mentorship Program


  • Project Global Health
  • French Conversation Session Leader

Hobbies and Interests

  • French Literature
  • Political Activism
  • Art History
  • Drawing

Research Description

Implications of France's NATO Reintegration
France is one of the most prominent European military powers and a strong proponent of an independent European military capability. Yet, France's actions since 2009 suggest that it may be prioritizing the transatlantic relationship over the development of the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy. Does this signal a fundamental Atlanticist shift in the way that France envisions its future defense and security, or does it simply signal a temporary re-evaluation of French Europeanist security ambitions? Our analysis attempts to answer whether there is presently an Atlanticist shift evident in French foreign policy, and if that shift is rooted in a desire to preserve French influence through international institutions such as NATO. This research project combines elite and expert interviews with content analysis of French media comparing the current time to the mid-1990s to determine if there is a shift in how defense and security issues are discussed.