Anthony Grassi

Mentor: Dr. Dr. Brian Mills
College of College of Human Health & Performance
"After learning about the field of Sports Economics and reading some research, I wanted to further examine other aspects in this field. Dr. Mills and I both had an interest in this field and chose to research how travel effects game performance and game odds."


Economics & Sports Management



Research Interests

  • Sports Economics
  • Sports Business

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program
  • Dean's List
  • Public Utility Resource Commission Presenter


  • N/A


  • GHF Fit For All

Hobbies and Interests

  • Playing Sports
  • Health & Fitness
  • Fishing

Research Description

Effects of travel distance on team performance and market efficiency
Our research project will analyze the effects of travel distance on team performance. We will span the major sports in the United States to determine whether the travel distance influenced the outcome of the contest. In addition, we will examine whether the effects of distance are significantly different between sports that have a more demanding schedule in terms of number of games (i.e. baseball versus football). Finally, we will investigate how traveling will affect game-odds, which are fairly efficient in predicting outcomes, as well as the win/loss outcome of the sporting contest.