Ariel Reich

Mentor: Dr. Jill Sonke
College of the Arts
"Having been personally touched by suicide, my passion for suicide prevention is immense. I was not able to fully process the loss for quite some time, but once I did, I knew I needed to turn it into something active and effective. As a BFA Theatre Performance student and Arts in Medicine Certificate candidate, I will use my tools to bring light to this issue in a safe, yet direct manner."


Theatre Performance


Arts in Medicine

Research Interests

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Theatre for Health Messaging
  • Effects of Applied Theatre Experiential Exploration

Academic Awards

  • Student Creative Research Award/ College of the Arts Best Student Award 2015
  • Certificate of Recognition for Advocacy in the Arts 2016
  • Chris Williams Memorial Scholarship 2016
  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • UF Center for Arts in Medicine/ UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine
  • Nation Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Florida Players


  • Inpatient: Visual Arts, Musical Arts, and Meditation at the bedside and in workshops on various units (UF Health Shands)
  • Outpatient: Dance for Life (dance for Parkinson's), Brushes with Hope (Cancer Pavillion)
  • Theatre for Health: Alachua Academy (Juevenile Detention), Franklin County K-12 School

Hobbies and Interests

  • Singing
  • Yoga
  • Crocheting
  • Cooking

Research Description

Suicide Prevention Through Theatre Intervention
A narrative and movement-based performance on the topic of suicide will be presented with an applied theater workshop that will travel to various middle schools, high schools, organizations on campus, community health centers, and juvenile detention centers. The workshop will facilitate greater awareness and comfort around the topic. We will put on our investigator hats and explore the events leading up to a suicide, the moment itself (through a metaphor), and the aftermath of those left behind. The workshop should provide deeper knowledge as to detecting warning signs, knowing where to seek help, and knowing how to report a problem. Participants will hopefully leave feeling uplifted, empowered, and eager to support one another. My intent is to engage students in deeper thought and dialogue about suicide prevention, awareness of resources, and supportive peer behaviors. Surveys will reflect the longitudinal affects of the workshop.