Avery Segal

Mentor: Dr. Matt Jacobs
College of History
"My primary objective is to deepen my understanding of China through research and working with my fantastic mentor, Dr. Jacobs. I initially got involved in research in order to test the waters of academia while challenging myself personally. "




Chinese & TESL

Research Interests

  • China
  • Sino-American Relations
  • Taiwan Strait Relations

Academic Awards

  • State Department YES Abroad Scholarship: Ghana - 2011
  • Semester at Sea CY Tung Award - 2014
  • Daniel J. Koleos Undergraduate History Research Award - 2015
  • Taiwan-USA Ambassador Scholarship - 2015


  • Culinary Arts Student Union (CASU)
  • African Student Union


  • AFS USA Volunteer and Liason
  • YES Abroad Volunteer and Group Leader

Hobbies and Interests

  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Blogging
  • Cooking

Research Description

The Masses' Role in China and Hong Kong: Ideology and Conflict
My project investigates popular movements in China as a means of framing Hong Kong's 1997 transfer of sovereignty. China and Hong Kong are linked in historically, geographically, in trade, and now politically. Popular movements in Hong Kong are deeply linked to either the state of affairs in Mainland China or local residents voicing grievances about their lack of self-governance under Chinese sovereignty. I seek to explore the delicate relationship between China and Hong Kong to shed light on whether the linkage is a one-way transfer of ideas, or if there are any elements of reciprocity between popular movements in Mainland China and Hong Kong.