Brooke Denton

Mentor: Dr. Anne Mathews
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
"Research is an excellent way to get hands on experience in a professional setting, whether the project relates to your future goals or not. When presented with the opportunity to take part in a research experience that encompassed both my passion for nutrition as well as my deep interest in dentistry, there was no other answer to respond with than "Yes I'll do it!" Being a part of a research project opens so many doors leading to both scientific and personal discovery. I got involved with research to further enhance my undergraduate experience and be a part of a scientific endeavor that has the potential to largely impact the world of dentistry."


Nutritional Sciences


Health Disparities

Research Interests

  • Nutrition
  • Dentistry

Academic Awards

  • CALS SHARE Scholarship 2015
  • HHMI Science for Life Award 2015
  • Outstanding Junior Award E.T York, Jr Medal of Excellence Finalists 2016
  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • Campus Diplomats
  • The Fruvement
  • Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women


  • UF College of Dentistry student Dental Assistant
  • Read Lead Achieve
  • Florida Mission of Mercy Jacksonville Volunteer

Hobbies and Interests

  • Running
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Listening to music
  • Cooking

Research Description

Dietary Influences on Fixed Dental Prostheses
My project focuses on the wear and tear of posterior implant-supported single crowns as a function of one's diet. Patients were recruited by Dr. Esquivel at the UF College of Dentistry. On the nutrition side of the study, patients were asked to complete a food frequency questionnaire, so as to allow us to see exactly what kinds of foods were being consumed. We will then look at how specific foods that are acidic or basic in nature impact the composure of the crowns over a period of time.