Cody Myers

Mentor: Dr. Nico Cellinese
Florida Museum of Natural History
"It's hard to distinguish whether I got involved into research or it was the other way around. Some mix of the two. As a non-traditional student who transferred in to UF as a junior, there were few opportunities available before starting here. While taking a course in plant taxonomy in the fall of 2015 it became quickly apparent to me the type of cutting edge research happening at UF in the field of plant science, and I wanted to get involved!"





Research Interests

  • Evolution
  • Plant systematics

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • Outdoor Adventure Recreation


  • Veteran's Administration hospital volunteer

Hobbies and Interests

  • Hiking / being outside
  • Reading books
  • Cooking
  • Drawing

Research Description

Evolution of bellflowers in the Mediterranean basin
The goal of this project, working under the supervision of PhD candidate Andrew Crowl, is to conduct an in-depth genetic survey of Mediterranean Campanula using flow cytometry. Current work focuses on delimiting a small, isolated population within the species Campanula erinus, which is typically found across the entire Mediterranean. This island centric subpopulation has double the genome size of all other populations, and thus it is hypothesized that it may be itself its own species. This work hopes to disentangle this complex of species and perhaps respond to the question "what makes a species"?