Ediel Dominguez

Mentor: Professor Anna Calluori Holcombe
College of Fine Arts
"To expand my skill sets on making objects, gain further knowledge on aesthetics, work with like minded individuals and help further understand the field of 3D technologies."


Fine Arts in Ceramics



Research Interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Ceramics
  • 3D printing

Academic Awards

  • Honorable Mention Award from The Club of Dadeland Pinecrest
  • Emerging Artist 2014 Honorable Mention by The Department of Arts + Philosophy Miami Dade Community Collge
  • High Merrit award Scholarship from Kansas City Art Institute


  • Art Club at Miami Dade Community Collge
  • Student Goverment at Miami Dade Community College
  • Hand Built or Thrown Ceramic Club at The University of Florida


  • Charlie Cummings Gallery, Exhibition Preparer
  • Miami Dade Freedom Tower Gallery, Art Handler
  • Miami Dade College, K-12 Teacher Ceramics Workshop, Professor, Assistant

Hobbies and Interests

  • Going on Long Bike Rides
  • Talking about Art
  • Experiencing New Places

Research Description

3D Technologies
The basis of my research is based on the merging of 3D technologies, such as 3D scanning and printing, with traditional ceramic building methods to produce a body of work that discusses how these technologies are capable of extending the inventiveness of ceramic artists by exceeding the limitations encountered when working exclusively with ones hands. This research will also focus on the concept of status symbols and what defines objects as impressionable and important, in order to demonstrate that these technologies are capable of producing high quality, intricate and functional ceramics otherwise not attainable through traditional hand building methods.