Emily Crooke

Mentor: Dr. Alan Cooke
Warrington College of Business
"I have a strong passion for learning and discovering more about word of mouth marketing- a topic that is not heavly researched on. With the help and guidance of my mentor, I am excited to pursue my research, hands-on, at the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center. My goal examine the effects of WOM in order to improve marketing practices industry-wide."





Research Interests

  • Branding
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Perceived Value

Academic Awards

  • Microsoft Office Excel Certified 2013
  • Microsoft Access Certified 2013
  • University of Florida's Dean's List
  • Florida Bright Future Recipient


  • Florida Leadership Academy
  • UF Collegiate DECA


  • Special Needs Cheerleading Coach
  • First United Methodist Church Youth Leader

Hobbies and Interests

  • Body Building
  • Shopping
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Traveling the World

Research Description

Let’s Get Physical: The Effects of Arousal on Word-of-Mouth Communication
Word of mouth is likely affected by a variety of factors that may increase referral rates, and I plan to examine these conditions to better understand the determinants of this important form of communication and improve marketing practice. I will perform a field experiment that manipulates arousal by intercepting clients entering or leaving GHFC, and ask their willingness to send recommendations to a friend. I will manipulate the valence of the recommendation (positive, neutral, or negative) as well whether the recommendation refers to GHFC versus an unrelated brand. I will compare the referral rate across conditions, and I will also follow up to see whether or not any referred individuals ultimately join the fitness club.