Ethan Brown

Mentor: Dr. Andrew Nichols
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"This research incorporates many areas of study about which I am passionate, including study of the Christian Scriptures, the Greek language, and intertextualization."


Management and Classics



Research Interests

  • Biblical Theology
  • Greek Language
  • Intertextualization

Academic Awards

  • Broward County Gator Nation Scholarship - 2013
  • George and Liberty Perry Ancient Greek Language Scholarship - 2014
  • Nicholas and Katie Knotaridis Greek Studies Scholarship - 2015
  • Dean's List - 2014-2015


  • Reformed University Fellowship


  • Reformed University Fellowship
  • Christ Community Church
  • St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

Hobbies and Interests

  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Watching TV
  • Hanging out with friends

Research Description

The Centrality of the Torah in the Gospel of Matthew
The New Testament writers were not writing in a contextual black hole. Truly, the Greco-Roman culture of their day impacted their writings. However, the Old Testament, or the Tanakh, had by far the greatest impact on the lives and writings of the New Testament writers. In this paper, I will explore just how much one section of the Old Testament (the Torah) formed one book of the New Testament (the Gospel of Matthew). Such a study should result in a richer, fuller, and deeper understanding of one of the most important documents ever written.