Febsheka Campbell

Mentor: Dr. Lawrence Kenny
College of CLAS
"I have never done research in this extent before and my career will be dealing mostly with doing research so I decided this would be a great opportunity to develop my research skills."


Business Economics



Research Interests

  • How to strengthen weak economies
  • International Economics

Academic Awards

  • Machen's Florida Opportunity Scholar
  • Dean's list


  • Jamaican American Student Association
  • Business Undergraduate Mentorship Program
  • Heavener Leadership Challenge


  • Thift store

Hobbies and Interests

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Modeling
  • Horseback riding

Research Description

The effects of Dollarization on weak economies: specializing on Jamaica
I recently learned about Panama abandoning their currency, the Balboa, and adopting the United States currency. This process is known as dollarization. Panama has the ability to use the dollar however, they do not have a say in monetary polices. Knowing that Panama has a strong economy; its dollar is equivalent to the United States dollar. I wondered if dollarization was the cause of Panama’s strong economy. Being from Jamaica, an island located in the Caribbean, has made me aware of the economic turmoil that has caused many, like my parents and I, to seek a country with better living conditions and opportunity of personal growth. I love my birth country and so I find myself constantly looking for ways to make it better. Jamaica has a very weak economy with the exchange rate currently at 115.6 Jamaican dollars per United States dollar. Therefore my research topic will be on the effects of dollarization on weak economies like Jamaica’s.