Gabrielle Cohen

Mentor: Dr. Yang Yang
College of Buisiness
"I am very interested in marketing research. I came to Dr. Yang because I was very interested in the project she was working on and her interests overlap very well with my own."


Marketing and Psychology



Research Interests

  • Consumer behavior
  • Decision making

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program 2016
  • Dean's List 2014
  • AICE Scholar with Distinction 2013
  • National Honor Society 2012


  • Fencing Team
  • UF Hillel


  • Jax Zoo's Spooktakular
  • Tutoring
  • Alachua Humane Society

Hobbies and Interests

  • Fencing
  • Traveling

Research Description

The Effect of Frequency of Use on Hedonic Adaptation of Material and Experiential Purchases
It is known that hedonic adaptation occurs more rapidly for material purchases than for experiential purchases. There are many theories as to why this may be the case. I believe that it is not because of the type of purchase, but because the frequency of use of the purchase. In general material purchases are used more so it would make sense that there is stronger hedonic adaptation for material purchases. However, I would like to test the rate of hedonic adaptation of experiential purchases that are used more than once and of the material purchases that are used only once. I will then compare the results with the traditional material and experiential purchases to see if the difference in the rate of hedonic adaptation is because of the type of purchase, or the frequency of use, as I believe.