Haleigh Klem

Mentor: Dr. Jane Yellowlees Douglas
College of Warrington College of Business Administration - Management Communication
"I was invited to apply and accepted into the University Scholars Program, which created an excellent opportunity for both personal and academic growth."





Research Interests

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Academic Awards

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  • Heavener Leadership Challenge
  • Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society


  • Relay For Life

Hobbies and Interests

  • Creative Writing
  • Acting

Research Description

The Mindset of Corporate Leadership and How Mindset Guides Action
I plan to use a case study of the Enron Scandal to demonstrate how the actions of Jeffrey Skilling represent what Carol S. Dweck describes as both the fixed mindset and risk-taking behavior. I will further delve into other cases of upper-level management that have both fixed and growth mindsets, as well as risk-averse and risk-taking mindsets, respectively and draw links between these mindsets and how they guide corporate behavior.