Jared Vasil

Mentor: Dr. M. J. Farrar
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"I've already developed an somewhat-specific interest in a certain area, and I want to be a researcher in my field as a profession. Thus, I thought getting involved in research as an undergrad would be a good place to start."


Psychology, Linguistics



Research Interests

  • Cultural Ontology
  • Language
  • Childhood Development

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program 2016





Hobbies and Interests

  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Reading

Research Description

The Effects Of Culture On Visual Perception
My project will be looking at the ontology of culture in 5-year old children. Specifically, I'm conducting original research that looks at the effects of various types of linguistic priming and publicness on childhood conformity. The project uses a majority in-group/out-group scenario whereby a majority number of adults makes a unanimous and obviously incorrect perceptual judgment, which the child sees. After the perception task, I will then see if children pass on this incorrect knowledge to other children using a paradigm called a "transmission chain." The goal is to investigate whether children accept and/or transmit knowledge that they do not agree with in order to conform to the group consensus, and if this acceptance and/or transmission can be altered by various linguistic priming and publicness conditions. Further, this study aims to bring together three different lines of research in the three highly related but so far distinct (within the literature) areas of childhood conformity and childhood cultural transmission by way of incorporating the several paradigms mentioned above into one study. Namely, 1) research looking at group-based conformity to perceptual cues using a majority-based consensus, 2) research looking at childhood cultural transmission using a transmission chain, 3) research looking at varying the type of imitation employed by children by way of using various types of linguistic priming.