Jason Traub

Mentor: Dr. Robert Fox
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
"Particular topics inspired me to learn more."


Electrical and Chemical Engineering (Double Major)



Research Interests

  • Audio applications
  • Electronics
  • Energy/Sustainability

Academic Awards

  • College of Engineering Dean's List Spring 2015
  • Helen E. Khouri Scholarship
  • Alfred I. duPont Scholarship
  • University Scholars Program


  • Audio Engineering Society (AES)
  • Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honor Society


  • Bread of the Mighty Foodbank
  • Gator TRAX

Hobbies and Interests

  • Guitar
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Philosophy and Thinking

Research Description

Vacuum Tube Amplifier Modelling
Though nearly obsolete within the electronics industry, vacuum tubes remain in high demand for one particular use: Musical Amplification. And particularly for guitars. Many in the music community praise vacuum tube amplifiers for their "warm" and pleasing sound, when compared to their solid state transistor amplifier counterparts. Some claim that this is due to the historical mark that tube amplifiers have made on music (through the work of famous guitarists, such as, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and many others). Yet, others argue that the superior sound is moreso due to the subtle and gentle imperfections that the amp generates when "overdriven". My research will aim to assess the validity of these claims. Moreover, I will study vacuum tube electronics and amplifier design, in depth, as well as, any other physical effects that may alter the way the sound is perceived by our ears. Then, I will focus my study on one particular, store bought, vacuum tube amplifier (yet to be determined). The ultimate goal will be to develop a signal processing algorithm (VST plugin) which can mimic the sound of the amplifier when applied on an input signal.