Jose Abastida

Mentor: Dr. Ieva Jusionyte
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"To help the community and advance research on the topic of immigration."


Political Science



Research Interests

  • Civil Rights
  • Immigration
  • Legislation

Academic Awards

  • Civic Leadership 2015
  • Hispanic Heritage Scholarship 2014


  • Hispanic Student Association
  • Lambda Theta Phi
  • Student Government Senate


  • Hispanic Latino Affairs

Hobbies and Interests

  • Politics
  • Fishing
  • Running
  • Camping

Research Description

Access to Emergency Care by Undocumented Immigrants
I will work with Dr. Jusionyte (Anthropology/LAS) on her research project "We Walk Where the Devil Dances": Security and Rescue on the U.S.-Mexico Border, which documents the lived experiences of first responders - emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics - on the U.S Southwest border in Arizona. The project is framed in terms of two central questions: (1) How does security buildup shape the work and life of prehospital emergency responders on the U.S.-Mexico border? (2) How does the lived experience of security buildup on the U.S.-Mexico border impact on first responders' role as frontline state actors?