Julia Woodward

Mentor: Dr. Lisa Anthony
College of Engineering
"I have always been intrigued about how things work and the constant discovery and innovations in technology, specifically in my field of study of computers. Research allows me to constantly test new theories to increase technological advancements and to contribute to science. It also gives me hands on experience and supplements what I am learning in the classroom."


Digital Arts and Science in the Engineering College



Research Interests

  • Human Computer-Interaction
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence

Academic Awards

  • Emerging Artist Scholarship 2013
  • College Board AP Scholar Award 2013
  • UF University of Scholars Program 2015


  • N/A


  • N/A

Hobbies and Interests

  • Programming
  • Drawing
  • Video Games
  • Reading

Research Description

Children and Touchscreen Interaction Error Recovery and Correction
My research focuses on designing and developing ways to improve the success of touch and gesture interaction of children on touchscreens. The research project will focus on error correction and recovery when gesture recognition approaches make mistakes in recognizing children’s input. User-centered design techniques will be used in order to design new touch and gesture interfaces. The goal of this research is to design new approaches to error recovery and correction that work best for children. The new interaction methods and techniques will allow future application developers to develop better touchscreen apps for children. Touch-screen based applications with educational purposes for children will be able to optimize their potential teaching ability by using the more efficient and less distracting interfaces we will design.