Keval Patel

Keval Patel
Mentor: Dr. Dominick Lemas
College of Medicine
"I was eager to get involved with research as it is the application and development of knowledge that currently exists. It is a privilege to be involved in a project that has real world implications and helps further our understanding of the human body. I find the fusion of science and medicine in my research to be a fascinating combination, that is ultimately a defining experience of my time at UF."





Research Interests

  • Pediatric Obesity
  • Child-Maternal Health
  • Gut Microbiome

Academic Awards

  • Dean's List
  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • BAPS Campus Fellowship at UF
  • Involvement Team


  • Mentor UF
  • UF Health

Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Outdoors
  • Private Equity

Research Description

The Effect of Intestinal Inflammation on Pediatric Obesity
Childhood obesity affects more than 42 million children across the world ages 5 and under. Maternal obesity during pregnancy is consistently a strong and positive predictor of childhood obesity; however we don't know the mechanisms explaining how the risk of obesity is transferred from mother to the baby during the child's early life. Microbes that colonize children during early life have been shown to play a crucial role in one's health. The initial microbial communities that colonize the infant gut differ by mode of delivery and can persist for months. The goal of this research investigation is to examine how inflammation in the stomach is associated with childhood weight gain and adiposity during the first year of life.