Kim Estoesta

Mentor: Dr. Brian Slawson
College of the Arts
"I got involved with research because my professor made me realize the importance of design to everyday life. It is more applicable to the world around us than we think. It is a way for me learn that design can help and be used in unconventional ways. I want to be able to connect my interests in culture, science, and technology with design to impact change and education."


Graphic Design



Research Interests

  • Technology
  • Culture and History
  • Design

Academic Awards

  • BETA Club Scholarship - 2012


  • Filipino Student Association
  • Vox Graphis
  • Asian Kaleidoscope Month


  • Gawad Kalinga
  • Love 146

Hobbies and Interests

  • Music
  • Flag Football
  • Illustration
  • Traveling

Research Description

Visualizing History
I will be working under Professor Brian Slawson as a project assistant. I would observe and help carry out the creative, technical and research/scholarly methods used in his “Visualizing History” project. One part of the project involves creating a high- customized multiplayer game related to the New Echota State Historic Site in Georgia. This involves the topics of educational technology, digital humanities, history, cultural preservation, and indigenous people. Specific tasks might include: seeking approvals through the IRB (Institutional Research Board), developing in-game characters and storylines, creating customized 3D structures and maps, coding with Java (a programming language), assisting with creative on-site workshops and documenting work for academic publications.