Kristof Kertesz

Mentor: Dr. Edit Nagy
College of Center for European Studies
"In order to find out more about my European heritage while finding a way to parallel it to my passion in the dynamics of politics and its transparency, or lack thereof. This project gives me an opportunity to look further into the core of one of the biggest problems our societies face all around the world, political corruption, in a very intimate context."




Eastern European Studies

Research Interests

  • Historical Development
  • Political Intervention

Academic Awards

  • BCAA Athlete of the Year (Scholarship)


  • Florida Club Swimming and Diving
  • Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity
  • UF College Democrats


  • St. Francis House
  • Jay Curtis Campaign

Hobbies and Interests

  • Swimming
  • Photography
  • Collecting Vinyls

Research Description

Legacy of the Communist Past: Corruption in Eastern Europe
My proposed University Scholar project will examine the recent corruption climb of Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania and the structure of these countries’ government administration. I shall compare the operation of the public administration during the communism and after 1990. I will analyze the anti-corruption reports of Transparency International, the European Union, and other organizations, and with the help of my mentor Edit Nagy, I will read primary sources about the communist governance and policies in Central Europe during the Communist era. I aim to determine why the fight against corruption isn’t getting anywhere in Central Eastern Europe and why membership in the European Union isn't helping the problem fade out of Europe.