Madelyn Pandorf

Mentor: Dr. Treavor Boyer
College of Environmental Engineering
"I wanted to be able to apply all the knowledge that I learn in my classes into real world applications. I also wanted to be able to contribute in helping solve the environmental issues that are occurring."


Environmental Engineering


Organic and Sustainable Crop Production

Research Interests

  • Alternative Fertilizers
  • Urine Source Separation
  • Urine Nutrient Recovery

Academic Awards

  • University Scholar (2015)
  • ASCE Sustainable Development Award (2015)
  • EPA P3 Honorable Mention (2015)
  • First Place ESSIE Poster Competition (2015)


  • N/A


  • Gainesville Rabbit Rescue
  • Random Acts of Flowers
  • Give Kids the World

Hobbies and Interests

  • Photography
  • Sailing
  • Reading
  • Traveling

Research Description

Urine, The Future of Agriculture?
Agriculture has become greatly dependent on chemical fertilizers, which release greenhouse gases, contaminate our water bodies through eutrophication, and deplete the Earth’s non-renewable resources. The main goal of my research is to test alternative fertilizers, mainly human urine, to see how they compare to chemical fertilizers. I will be growing Snap Beans and Turnips this Fall and Spring using four different fertilizer treatments of: No Fertilizer, Chemical Fertilizer, Urine, and Urine supplemented with Phosphorus and Potassium. The effectiveness of the different treatments will be assessed through yield, leaf and plant samples, and vegetable analysis. The second goal of my project is to collect the leachate from lysimeters that are buried under the field, and analyze for various nutrients. These leachate results will give us a better indication of the rate of nutrient leaching that is occurring in the soil.