Madison Pitrowski

Mentor: Dr. Joel Bialosky
College of PHHP
"After hearing about my college's honors program (PHHP), I knew research was something I wanted to consider. The opportunities research brings about are invaluable to anyone, and after searching and interviewing with a few professors, I found Dr. Bialosky and his project. I found his work both intriguing and important to the healthcare field, and was excited to get involved. As a hopeful Occupational Therapy Student, Dr. Bialosky's work regarding Socioeconomic Status, Low Back Pain and Spinal Manipulative Therapy were particularly interesting to me."


Health Sciences/Pre-OT



Research Interests

  • Pain Perception in low SES
  • Therapeutic Alliance in low SES
  • Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Academic Awards

  • N/A


  • LEAP Mentor
  • UF Honors Program
  • PHHP Honors Program


  • Balance180
  • Hillsborough County Schools DHH Program

Hobbies and Interests

  • Running
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Eating
  • Horseback Riding

Research Description

The relationship between SES, Low Back Pain and Spinal Manipulative Therapy related outcomes
Low back pain (LBP) is a significant public health issue. Its costs, prevalence and overall societal and medical implications make it a topic of particular saliency. Spinal Manipulation Therapy (SMT) is frequently utilized for analgesic effects among those suffering from chronic LBP. Socioeconomic Status, SES, is also of particular importance in healthcare today. The unequal access to care and health disparities in the United States make socioeconomic status an important topic of discussion. Additionally, lower SES is a risk factor for LBP. There are currently very few studies considering the impact of SES on SMT related outcomes in LBP. In considering the importance of LBP and its possible treatments, we must also consider socioeconomic status.