Malek Hamed

Mentor: Dr. Yiider Tseng
College of Engineering
"Research produces tools and knowledge for human benefit and deepens the researcher's own understanding of nature. In imaging and computer programming we develop new ways to study the body, uncover patterns that we could not have seen without these lenses, and gain insight into our own human faculties of vision and perception."


Biomedical Engineering



Research Interests

  • Medical Imaging
  • Human vision
  • Biomechanics

Academic Awards

  • Dean's List 2013-2015
  • President's Honor Roll 2014-2015
  • Anderson Scholar with Highest Distinction 2015
  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • N/A


  • Karate Instruction
  • Ocala Project Downtown
  • Sunday School Instruction

Hobbies and Interests

  • Karate
  • Writing
  • Sketching
  • Running

Research Description

Automated Methods for Studying the Relationship between Cytoskeletal Structure and the Cell Cycle
Cytoskeletal proteins undergo continuous remodeling and rearrangement throughout the cell cycle, changing in size, number, and mutual association. Such changes can be measured subjectively, but computerized methods will increase accuracy and repeatability. This project also will use automated methods to help reveal otherwise unnoticeable relationships among cytoskeletal proteins and between cell cycle stage and cytoskeletal organization.