Mariam Matti

Mentor: Dr. James Essegbey
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"In all honesty, some of the strongest reasons why I got involved in research was the idea of working in my specialty as an undergraduate. My first two years of college, I thought that in order to do research, you would have to be a graduate student. However, I was proven wrong when I started learning more about research from UF faculty and the Center of Undergraduate research. I got involved because I strongly believe that all of us are given a specific set of skills, and we don't have to wait until graduate school to use those skills. I am thankful to God not only for the opportunity of being in the University Scholars Program but also for the Center of Undergraduate Research."





Research Interests

  • Bilingual and Dialect Studies
  • Bilingual studies with relation to Childhood Development
  • Biblical language research and translation

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program(2016)
  • Florida Medallion Scholar Since (2013)


  • Computational Linguistics Club
  • Arab Student Association


  • JJ Finley Elementary School Intern Fall (2014)
  • PK Yonge Developmental Research School Intern Spring (2015)

Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading Classical Novels
  • Learning some Computer Programming
  • Studying the Bible
  • Fashion

Research Description

Comparing the Gainesville variety of African American English to Standard American English
Studying the history, syntax and the environment of the different dialects within African American English. Then, taking those dialects and primarily focusing on studying if there is a specific African American Dialect that is only existent in Gainesville, Florida. The research involves studying the arguments on the origins of the dialects and its changes in grammatical structure as well as phonological structure.