Peyton Hilford

Mentor: Dr. Marcus Kirk
College of Business
"Research is vital to innovation and moving forward with society. It is something I have been interested in pursuing since my freshman year at UF. I have a deep passion for learning and knowledge. Research allows me to delve into my passion and the University Scholars Program has given me an amazing opportunity to pursue my research."




Accounting and Chinese

Research Interests

  • Valuation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Governance

Academic Awards

  • UF Honors Program 2014
  • Warrington College of Business Dean's List 2015- 2016
  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • University Economics Society
  • Chinese Student Association Language Exchange 
  • Freshman Leadership Council


  • Florida Alternative Spring Breaks - Selma, AL
  • Hindu Society of Central Florida Youth volunteer
  • UF Chemistry Club Science Outreach Volunteer

Hobbies and Interests

  • Learning Chinese
  • Reading
  • Fitness

Research Description

Discovering the Effects of CEO Narcissism and Overconfidence on Financial Analyst Recommendation of Securities
This research aims to study the relationship between CEO personality traits and the resulting effect on analyst coverage. CEO “soft” characteristics, namely narcissism and overconfidence, have an impact on outcomes such as earnings per share and stock valuation (Hribar and Yang, 2010). However, no connection has been made between CEO “soft” characteristics and the resulting effects on analyst forecast and recommendation. Analysts form biases when reviewing and recommending securities. These biases can be based on a variety of factors such as CEO gender, race, etc. Yet little research has been done on CEO personality characteristics and resulting analyst bias. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to discover and understand how the narcissistic personality trait in CEOs affects analyst forecast and thus recommendation (strong buy, buy, hold, sell ,strong sell) of that particular firm’s securities.