Shahayra Majumder

Mentor: Dr. Jay McLaughlin

College of Pharmacy

"What encourages my scientific interests has never been the end-goal of a specific profession, but always the pursuit of knowledge, elucidating truths, and a drive to participate in the forefront of science. I got involved in research because of my interests in math and science, and a particular interest in the biological sciences and their applications. I am fascinated with the living world and can appreciate the power the advancement of biological research has to influence it."


Chemistry and Biochemistry



Research Interests

  • Molecular Biology
  • Drug Design
  • Engineering

Academic Awards

  • Kiwanis Scholarship (2015 - Present)
  • Florida Bright Futures (2015 - Present)
  • University Scholars Program (2017-2018)


  • Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority
  • Arabic Students Association


  • GRACE Marketplace
  • Girl Up
  • Project Downtown Gainesville, Inc.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Music
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Multiculturalism

Research Description

Drug Discovery for Novel Pharmacotherapy for Peripheral Pain with Fewer Clinical Liabilities
Studying the structure-activity relationships of synthesized compounds and sigma receptor, and testing these compounds in vivo.