Thai Lam

Mentor: Dr. Bin Gao
College of Biological Engineering
"I aimed to innovate a filtration system that is affordable and efficient to be used 3rd world countries."


Biological Engineering



Research Interests

  • Water filtration
  • Biofuel

Academic Awards

  • MFOS
  • Southern Scholarship Foundation


  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE)


  • Santa Fe Dental Clinic
  • Tacachale Disability Center

Hobbies and Interests

  • Tennis
  • Vollyball
  • Golf

Research Description

Metal Oxide-Modified Biochar Filter for Phosphorous
I'm interested in enhancing waste water filtration of Phosphorus using natural Biochar (Charcoal) of hickory wood with added metal oxides such as aluminum and iron to increase adsorption efficiency.