Timothy Willis

Mentor: Dr. Eleni Bozia
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"I want to prepare myself to do graduate work in this field of study. Also, my topic and the subjects related to it fascinate me."


Classical Languages


Hebrew Language

Research Interests

  • Church history
  • Old Testament studies
  • Biblical languages

Academic Awards

  • Angelo Langadas Scholarship for Excellence in Greek Language (spring 2013)
  • Anargyros G. Comnenos Scholarship for Excellence in Greek Language (spring 2013)
  • George and Liberty Perry Ancient Greek Language Scholarship (spring 2014)
  • Award for Excellence in Yiddish Language and Culture (spring 2015)


  • Cru at UF


  • Test writer for the NJCL in 2013
  • Test writer for the FJCL in 2013-14
  • Adult sunday school teacher at Christ Community Church in spring of 2014

Hobbies and Interests

  • spending time with friends
  • reading
  • theology
  • gardening

Research Description

The Use of the Greek Psalter by the New Testament Authors and Their Doctrine of Christ's Sonship
The New Testament authors frequently quoted the Septuagint version of the Psalter in their writings. Very often, these quotations confuse modern readers because they differ from the Hebrew versions or they seem out of context. My goal is to help clarify the New Testament's use of the Psalms for the modern reader, especially focusing on instances where the authors used them to teach about Christ's role as the Son.