Trevor McCabe

Mentor: Dr. David Blackburn
Florida Museum of Natural History
"I became involved with my research while I was taking a class Dr. Blackburn was teaching. After talking with him about his work, I was very interested in becoming more involved in his research. I was given the opportunity to help him with his research on frogs, and I am excited to be able to further develop my interests in the academic world."


Biology, Spanish



Research Interests

  • Developmental Biology
  • Unique Morphologies
  • Evolution

Academic Awards

  • National Merit Finalist
  • Florida Incentive Scholarship
  • Florida Academic Scholar
  • University Scholars Program 2016


  • Pre-Med AMSA
  • UF Men's Lacrosse Club


  • Shands Hospital
  • UF in the Dominican Republic
  • Big Brother/ Big Sister

Hobbies and Interests

  • Playing lacrosse
  • Wake surfing
  • Reading
  • Riding dirtbikes

Research Description

CT scanning frog braincases
This research project will focus on studying shape diversity of frog braincases with a view to predict the ecology of fossil species. By analyzing CT scans of frogs from different lineages and varying ecologies using 3D geometric morphometrics, we will be able to identify links between morphology and habitat, and by applying this same technique to fossil specimens, gain a better understanding of the ecology of extinct lineages.This project will encompass two stages. First, the individual braincases of a range of CT scanned frogs will be digitally sectioned out using the CT software VGStudio MAX 2.2. These data will then be exported as stereolithography (STL) files for use in the 3D morphometric analytical software Geomorph (R). Once imported to Geomorph, a series of 3D landmarks will be added to each shape-file and a range of geometric morphometric analyses applied, allowing us to quantify shape variation across Anura.