Veronica Hubbard

Mentor: Dr. Sriram Kalyanaraman

College of Journalism

"I decided to get involved in research because Sri, my research professor, said he would buy me lunch if I talked with him about the horrible effects involving the overconsumption of sugar. Since then, I have realized how passionate I am about nutrition and social change, both of which I am excited to see how altering nutritional labels influences our perception of sugar consumption."


Materials Science and Engineering


Nutritional Sciences

Research Interests

  • Raising Awareness of the Effects of Overconsumption of Sugar
  • If People Change their Eating Habits, does this Increase their Quality of Life

Academic Awards

  • Wentworth Travel Scholarship (2017)
  • University Scholars Program (2017-2018)


  • The Navigators
  • Culinary Arts Student Union (CASU)



Hobbies and Interests

  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • Discovering Different Cultures through Communication, Food, and Music
  • Hiking with my Family

Research Description

“What Does All That Sugar Mean?” Exploring Novel Formats of Nutrition Labels
I will examine why current nutrition labels are so ineffective and explore how alternative nutritional labels may increase people’s awareness of, and sensitivity towards, daily sugar consumption. This will be researched by showing the percentage of sugar consumed, incorporating a fear appeal (i.e. loss of limbs from diabetes), comparing the amount of sugar to the recommendations from the FDA, and labeling how much exercise one must complete to burn off the number of calories consumed.