Adrien Fedida

 Adrien Fedida
Mentor: Dr. Panos Pardalos
College of Engineering
""As a student in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), I wished to get a more accurate perspective of what the term ""research"" meant in the context of Global Optimization and Data Mining. Therefore, I applied to become a University Scholar. This program will allow me not only to get involved with a world-class professor and work on a unique topic for several months, but also to have a better understanding of what I will be working while in graduate school."


Industrial and Systems Engineering



Research Interests

  • Financial Engineering
  • Optimization
  • Data Mining

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program
  • Distinguished Student Scholar Award
  • College of Engineering Scholarship


  • IIE
  • SHPE


  • Project Mascot
  • After School Gators

Hobbies and Interests

  • Golf
  • Puzzles
  • Game Theory
  • Soccer

Research Description

Dynamics of The Stock Market Using Network-Based Representation
"GAINESVILLE, FL: ISE student Adrien Fedida, a transfer student from France, has been named a University Scholar — a University of Florida program that allows undergraduates to engage in research with a professor over the course of their senior year. Fedida will be working with Distinguished Professor Panos Pardalos. ”I am excited about the opportunity to work with Dr. Pardalos,” he said. Fedida plans to study the dynamics of the stock market using large volumes of data to determine whether future market trends can be forecast. The ultimate goal being to have a more diversified, robust portfolio to maximize returns. Using a network-based representation of the French stock market, they will model the correlation distribution between stocks over time to find maximum cliques (a classification of nodes in operations research) and assert their yield when compared to the French index. Source: