Avia Gridi

Avia Gridi 
Mentor: Dr. Colin Knapp
Warrington College of Business
"I got into research because the effects of higher education on the state economy really intrigued me. I figured what better way to learn more then to discover the situation myself."


Economics/Political Science



Research Interests

  • Economic Policy
  • Education Reform
  • Public Policy

Academic Awards

  • Presidential Honor Roll
  • Dean's List
  • Warrington Scholars


  • External Affairs Agency
  • Gators for Israel
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi



Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading
  • Movies
  • Music

Research Description

The Economic Effects of Investments in Higher Education
The purpose of my project is to determine if investing in your own education verses the state investing in your education would result in higher levels of success in students. Which would in turn result in a better economic state for the state in question.