Brad Shea

Mentor: Dr. Alan George
College of Engineering
"I wanted to provide myself with opportunities to succeed in the future by gaining experience in space exploration technology. I will be able to apply the knowledge I've gained in the classroom to help solve many issues in space related applications. This research will provide me with valuable faculty and student relationships that will last a lifetime."


Electrical Engineering



Research Interests

  • Embedded Systems
  • Space Exploration

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program
  • Society of American Military Engineers Scholarship
  • Florida Transportation Builders' Association Scholarship


  • IEEE
  • University Nano-Satellite Program
  • Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing


  • Little League Umpire

Hobbies and Interests

  • Sports
  • Fishing/Diving
  • Traveling

Research Description

Design and Verification of CHREC Space Processor

I will be contributing to the development, test, and verification of key software and hardware subsystems in the CSP (CHREC Space Processor) system in support of its upcoming NASA missions. I will help support the environmental testing of new CSP technology in the world-class laboratories for thermal-vacuum and shock-vibration testing at NASA Kennedy.