Brandon Saraydar

Mentor: Dr. Micheal Kesler
College of Engineering
"In the Materials Science and Engineering major the 4th year of classes allows students to specialize in a type of materials (Ceramics, Electronic Materials, Metals, Polymeric and Bio-materials). I wanted to do research in the area I plan to specialize in (Metals) and I also to get acquainted with the faculty who have previously worked with metals at Rhines Hall. This research will help me build upon the experience with the varies metallographic techniques and tools I have gathered in my undergraduate lab work in the University of Florida laboratories. I am excited to advance my skill sets and gain greater technical abilities to operate engineering tools in a lab environment where I can take part in research that has real world significance. "


Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering



Research Description

SMASH Project (2014-2015)

Investigation of NiTi-HfAl shape memory alloys towards the development of high temperature shape memory alloys (HTSMA) for aerospace, automobile, and power generation industries and applications. Alloys will be analyzed via metal sample processing and preparation, characterization of macro and microstructures, tensile testing along with other mechanical testing, including fractography. This work will be a continuation of PhD graduate Dr. Derrick Hsu's work with these alloy systems and will take place in the laboratory of Dr. Manuel and under the leadership of Dr. Kesler.