Connor Volpi

Connor Volpi
Mentor: Dr. Natalie Ebner
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"I have always been curious about research and was extremely fortunate to become a research assistant during my sophomore year in the Social Cognitive and Affective Development Lab. As a research assistant, I have become very passionate about research. It has been incredible to be a part of various studies and has been a very rewarding experience. The University Scholars Program gives me the privilege to continue my research and be able to write a paper about findings in my current research project. "




Health Disparities in Society

Research Interests

  • Aging
  • Cognition
  • Socioemotional Functioning

Academic Awards

  • Reitz Scholars
  • President's List
  • Dean's List
  • Florida Bright Futures


  • Pride Student Union
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Psi Chi: National Honor Society in Psychology


  • Alachua County CrONE.UF Center
  • Alachua County Health Department
  • University of Florida College of Medicine

Hobbies and Interests

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Film

Research Description

Effects of Oxytocin on Cognition

The experiment I wish to conduct will be part of a clinical trial on the effects of intranasal OT on cognition and physical functioning in older adults. In particular, in a double-blind procedure, a group of twelve older men will either self-administer intranasal OT or a placebo twice daily for a period of four weeks. Each participant will come into the lab for baseline visits and post-treatment visits. During these visits, among various other measures, participants will complete a comprehensive cognitive test battery, which is comprised of measures involving executive function, attention, episodic memory, language, processing speed, and working memory (NIH Toolbox, 2012). The aim of the experiment is to determine beneficial effects of intranasal OT administration on cognitive performance levels in these older adults. These results will inform treatment approaches targeted at improvement of cognition in aging.