Forrest Voight

Forrest Voight
Mentor: Dr. Eric Schwartz
College of Engineering
"Research gives me a chance to work on huge, complex, expensive systems unlike anything that I ever could alone. The thrill of that is a major drive for me, and that comes along with great opportunities for working with and learning from like-minded people. Through the University Scholars program, I hope to produce results that will be useful to this project and also outside of this project, to the greater robotics community."


Electrical and Computer Engineering



Research Interests

  • Robotics
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intellgence

Academic Awards

  • NSF REU Fellow
  • Dean's List


  • Machine Intelligence Laboratory
  • Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honor Society)


  • N/A

Hobbies and Interests

  • Computer Programming
  • Cycling

Research Description

Particle-filter-based Computer Vision for the SubjuGator Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
"The objective of the proposed research project is to design a new perception system which will be utilized on the SubjuGator robot submarine project. In previous years, the submarine has relied primarily upon processing images from cameras using algorithms that weren’t very robust, such as color segmentation by thresholding with hand-tuned values. The proposed research aims to change that by creating a sensor fusion algorithm that can integrate camera (and potentially sonar) measurements over time into estimates of multiple objects’ 3-dimensional positions and orientations in a way that requires minimal hand-tuning. Preliminary results of this research were utilized in SubjuGator's run in the 2013 AUVSI RoboSub competition, where it received 2nd place.