Haidee Cano

Haidee Cano
Mentor: Dr. Ralf Remshardt
College of Fine Arts
"Undergraduate research allows students to become acquainted with valuable tools and the knowledge on how to conduct research effectively. These tools will be beneficial not only in our future studies, whether it be in a Master's or Doctorate program, but also in something as simple as completing a final paper for a class assignment. This is the first research project I have had the opportunity to conduct. I am excited to absorb all that I can from my mentor, Dr. Ralf Remshardt and learn from all my mistakes and challenges along the way!"




Arts in Medicine

Research Interests

  • Latino Theater
  • First Generation

Academic Awards

  • Florida Opportunity Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Auschwitz Jewish Center Program for Students Abroad


  • Arts in Health Student Group
  • IDEAL Student Ambassador


  • Ronald McDonald House Family Room @ Shands
  • Project MASCOT Mentor

Hobbies and Interests

  • Immigrant/Farm-Worker Rights
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Arts
  • Travel

Research Description

The Role of Theater in the Cuban-American Identity
My research project will explore the significant role that theater plays in the Cuban-American population. I will be examining how Cuban exiles and immigrants have used theater as a way to conserve their identities in the United States, specifically in South Florida. Furthermore, I will be focusing on theater as a tool of advocacy and how it has served as a voice for first, second and third generation Cuban-Americans.