Jacquelyn Johnson

Mentor: Dr. Aida Hozic
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"I think research is a way not only to develop and hone skills that will be useful both in graduate school and in my future career, but also to explore issues that interest me and that I may not have been able to study in detail otherwise. "


Political Science/Economics


International Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Research Interests

  • international political economy
  • international relations
  • international security

Academic Awards

  • Anderson Scholar (2013)
  • National Merit Scholar (2011-present)


  • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
  • Golden Key International Honor Society
  • UF Honors Program


  • English Language Institute (Conversation Partner)

Hobbies and Interests

  • traveling
  • reading
  • Photography
  • cooking

Research Description

The Politics of National Accounts: Italy, Ireland, and the EU

National accounts are used to assess countries’ economic growth, deficits, and other crucial economic indicators. However, there are significant differences in the methods states use in bookkeeping. These variances have become particularly visible in the EU after monetary integration. As the EU seeks further coordination, national accounting will need to become more standardized. Thus far, each member state has had control over its own accounting methods, producing diverse outcomes. In addition, irregularities may occur in the accounts themselves, impacted by factors like corruption, illicit economies, or undocumented workers. Perhaps most importantly, national accounts can be manipulated for political reasons. Research on this topic may clarify current difficulties in coordinating national accounts in the EU, while also giving insight into implications for the viability of such reforms. Furthermore, careful study of these accounts can shed light on government policies and highlight the ways in which political interests shaped the portrayal of economic data and determined subsequent reactions to the 2008 financial crONE.UF. This project represents a comparative study of national accounts in Ireland and Italy before and after the financial crONE.UF of 2008. The purpose is to identify discrepancies and inconsistencies in their national accounts and assess the impact on policy responses to the crONE.UF. This project aims to provide a comprehensive, historical interpretation of the changes and effects of national accounting in these countries and determine the implications for the viability of proposed reforms.