Jordan Dunaway

Mentor: Dr. Richard Hodel
Florida Museum of Natural History
"Research is such a great opportunity to explore different subjects. I got involved with research because I really wanted to expand my interests. I'm a Pre-Health student so naturally I wanted to do research in the medical field, but when I was approached to help research mangrove species I jumped at the opportunity to learn something new and it has been quite the experience."


Health Science



Research Interests

  • Mangrove species


  • Delta Zeta Sorority


  • Breast Cancer clinic at Shands
  • Surgical Associates at Shands
  • Baby Gator

Hobbies and Interests

  • Crafting
  • Reading

Research Description

Red Mangrove Chloroplast Genome Sequence Assembly and Annotation
In my project I am working with red mangrove species and investigating phylogeography. A little background on mangroves, they play a crucial role in supporting coastal ecosystems and they keep coastal lands from eroding away. Now what I am doing is using samples of four different species of mangroves, two from the Atlantic Coast and two from the Gulf Coast, and assembling and annotating the chloroplast genomes and assessing the usefulness of phylogeography. A key component I am looking for is to see if there are visible signs of genetic differences between the mangroves in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast. By annotating gene features I can assess the level of genetic diversity in each species by evaluating polymorphism between the four individual species of mangrove. This assembly and polymorphism discovery will be crucial for assessing the utility of plastome sequences in generating intraspecific phylogenies.