Kevin Yu

Mentor: Dr. Linda Bloom
College of Medicine
"To explore the the research field and gain experience. To pad my resume and help me get into medical school."





Research Interests

  • Cell reproduction
  • Beta clamps


  • Student Magician's Club


  • Emergency department
  • Specialties clinic

Hobbies and Interests

  • Badminton
  • Games
  • Reading
  • relaxing

Research Description

Testing For Interactions In The Interface Of Beta-Clamp

The purpose of this project is to understand how dynamics of the E. coli sliding clamp protein contributes to its biological function. During DNA replication, a ring-shaped sliding clamp must remain closed around DNA while bound the DNA polymerase to support the processive synthesis required to duplicate the chromosome. But, at the same time, clamps must open to facilitate both assembly on DNA and removal from DNA when DNA synthesis is complete. Key questions are whether clamps spontaneously open transiently as well as what is the balance between open and closed clamps in solution. The Bloom laboratory is measuring the dynamics of sliding clamps in solution in collaboration with the Levitus laboratory using single molecule fluorescence and correlating these measurements with biochemical activity in clamp loading and lifetime on DNA. The goals of my project are to determine how ionic strength and mutation to the clamp that we hypothesize will weaken the interface affects clamp loading and stability on DNA The proposed experiments of this project include two variables that will be manipulated in order to tamper with the stability of the clamp due to ionic interactions. By mutating specific proteins at the interface of the clamp we can change electrostatic interactions between two or more proteins at the interface. By changing the salt concentration of the buffer, we will also determine how much ionic strength contributes to clamp stability.