Kwandokuhle Ngwenya

 Ngwenya Kwandokuhle
Mentor: Dr. Russell Walters
College of Design, Construction, and Planning
"After choosing Building Construction as a major, I quickly discovered that the biggest concern in the industry was the issue of safety. Although the construction industry comprises a mere 4%, twelve percent of all fatal injuries at work are construction related, with electrocution being the 2nd most cited cause. This awakened me to the genuine need for a positive change to make the construction industry safer."


Building Construction



Research Interests

  • Electricity
  • Medicine
  • Psychology

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program
  • UWC Scholarship


  • NECA Student Chapter - UF
  • Green Energy Challenge Team
  • African Students' Union


  • Rebuilding Florida - Roofing Project
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Youth Again AIDS Sponsorship

Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading
  • Dance
  • Cinema
  • Music

Research Description

Role of Electricity in Construction Safety
The purpose of this project is to investigate the injuries or medical concerns that arise as a result of workers being in contact with electricity on a jobsite. The research will seek to delve into the reasons why these accidents occur, and what could be done to discontinue them.