Lukas Christensen

Mentor: Dr. Jian Li
College of Electrical Engineering
"My interest in electronics developed years before attending the University of Florida much less setting foot in any electrical engineering class. In grade school, I began building basic circuits and disassembling and hacking discarded appliances and electronics. Before I graduated high school, I was able to build simple devices from scratch. Getting involved with research has allowed me to channel this hardware interest and familiarity into something more constructive. Instead of building curiosities like guitar amplifiers and tesla coils out of spare parts, research gives me opportunities to work with cutting-edge devices like radar systems and software radios to make a real positive impact. "


Electrical Engineering



Research Interests

  • Radar
  • Robotics
  • Communications


  • UF NASA Robotic Mining Competition Team
  • UF Mad Scientist Club


  • UF Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge

Hobbies and Interests

  • Amateur Radio
  • Electronic Music
  • Origami
  • Typing

Research Description

Health Monitoring with the Novelda Impulse Radar
The focus of my work is the Novelda NVA6100, an ultra-wide band (UWB) impulse radar transceiver system. This low power radar device uses electromagnetic pulses to measure its surroundings with millimeter precision, and thanks to the large bandwidth of these pulses, targets can be detected behind walls and in cluttered environments. In MATLAB, I write programs to control this radar and process the results. For this project, I work with other members of the Spectral Analysis Lab to develop collection and signal processing methods to use this transceiver for health monitoring. After finding a way to reliably measure respiration rate and heart rate, other aspects of cardiovascular and respiratory movements can be explored. As this radar system fits on a single microchip, our hope is be able to make cheap health monitoring modules that can be fit under beds.