Martin Alla

Mentor: Dr. James Collins
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
"I think research is important for human progress, and I like basic science, that's why I joined research."


Food Science



Research Interests

  • Iron Metabolism
  • Copper Metabolism


  • Gator's for Haven Hospice
  • UF Viral Studies Organization


  • Harbor Chase

Hobbies and Interests

  • Baseball

Research Description

Atp7a on Iron Regulating Gene ExpressionD
The main purpose of this project is to examine the possibility of Atp7a's effect on iron regulating gene expression. Iron has a variety of functions in the cell metabolism. Its’ role in the mammalian physiology and disease make it an imperative trace mineral that needs in depth studying and understanding. The bodies iron level is tightly maintained because no active execratory pathway exists for iron. If iron levels are too high then Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) can be produced which can cause blood toxicity . If iron levels are too low then iron deficiency anemia occurs; the low iron levels results in low hemoglobin levels which causes low oxygen supply for organs of the body. These studies will show whether Atp7a is involved in regulation of genes that play an important role in intimal iron metabolism.