Mathew Armas

Mathew Armas
Mentor: Dr. Andy Naranjo
Warrington College of Business Administration
"During this past first year at UF, I have expanded my intellectual curiosity by taking advantage of as many opportunities that have become available to me. With a specific focus on Finance, I have pushed myself to learn about the industry and discover manners in which it intertwines with other business related topics. Since I am a Florida licensed Realtor, I decided to combine the realms of Finance and Real Estate in my research in order to analyze the Florida Real Estate Market so that I could advance both professionally and academically. Furthermore, my interest in multiculturalism and international affairs has influenced me to direct my research towards the international investor clientele in the Florida market."





Research Interests

  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • International Affairs

Academic Awards

  • Florida Realtors Association Scholarship (Fall 2014)
  • Warrington College of Business Administration Dean's List (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)
  • UF Certified Gator Professional (Fall 2013)
  • Distinguished Top 10 Scholar of High School Graduating Class (Spring 2013)


  • Student Finance Group
  • Florida Leadership Academy Class XI
  • Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC


  • March of Dimes, Chain Reaction
  • Girls Place, Volleyball
  • Student Government Volunteering, Gainesville High School

Hobbies and Interests

  • Real Estate (Realtor)
  • Volleyball
  • Traveling

Research Description

How Are International Investors Impacting The U.S. Real Estate Market?

In the continuous search for success and prosperity, individuals all around the world are investing their wealth through financial vehicles in order to obtain a high financial return. As more and more people invest, the intense competition between investors increases; therefore, they must seek to diversify their investment portfolios.  The United States’ global reputation of success has influenced international investors to seek U.S. capital, and in recent years, there has been a boom in the U.S. of real estate investments by international individuals. In seeking to understand this important issue, I will address the following questions: why foreign nationals are seeking property outside of their home country, why foreign buyers are investing in the U.S., where in the U.S. are the investments occurring, and how this issue holds relevance in the local real estate market. This growing trend is relevant for understanding real estate pricing dynamics, and I will be using descriptive statistics and regression analysis to examine which factors are most relevant.