Michelle Lyman

 Michelle Lyman
Mentor: Dr. David Smith
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"I became interested in neuroscience during my first psychology class at UF. I wanted to know more about how the field developed and the process of piecing together the mystery of the brain. I love to explore and discover new connections in science and my lab has become the perfect place for me to do just that."


Neurobiological Sciences


African Studies

Research Interests

  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Sensory Processes
  • Behavioral Neuroscience

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program
  • Dean's List


  • Student Honors Organization
  • Honors Ambassadors
  • Florida Alternative Breaks


  • Alachua County CrONE.UF Center
  • Shands Hospital
  • Operation Crossroads Africa

Hobbies and Interests

  • International Volunteering
  • International Health and Education
  • Yoga

Research Description

Assessing Age-Related Olfactory Decline in Fischer 344 Rats
I am tracking olfactory functioning of Fischer 344 rats throughout their lifetime to assess the normal aging pattern of olfactory decline. The results from this experiment can be used in comparison with the olfactory decline of rats with neurodegenerative diseases, improving the use of olfaction as a biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases.