Nicholas Waler

Nicholas Waler
Mentor: Dr. Sergei Zolotukhin
College of Medicine
"My enjoyment of the chemistry labs my freshman year drove me to find a way to apply myself further in the laboratory setting. I wanted to find a lab that worked with gene therapy, because not only was it a subject of the science fiction I loved as a kid, but because I believe it to be on the forefront of medical intervention and treatment."




Business Administration

Research Interests

  • Gene Therapy
  • Cell Science
  • Molecular Biology

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program
  • Pi Beta Kappa
  • Anderson Scholar
  • Golden Key


  • Camp Kesem
  • Campus Kitchens
  • Gator Pre-med Guide


  • Al'z Place
  • Noah's Endeavor
  • WUFT Radio Reading Service

Hobbies and Interests

  • Basketball
  • Guitar
  • Visual Arts
  • Sustainability

Research Description

Peptide YY and the Cephalic Phase Response
Peptide YY (PYY) is an endogenous protein secreted by the L-cells of the gut. PYY has the ability to induce satiety and as a result, make you consume less. My project is working on characterizing how PYY achieves this process by measuring hormonal levels in blood during a period called the Cephalic Phase Response or CPR. The CPR is the quick spike in blood hormone levels just before eating a meal, and it is suspected that PYY modulates the hormonal levels during CPR as a mean to increase the full feeling of a meal.